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From your very first visit, we can assist you with the most important aspects of the therapy you need, offering continuous advice and support as well as individual programmes for you to follow at home.

It's best to bring casual, comfortable sportswear for a sports massage or appropriate sportswear for a training session. If you have any severe medical conditions please ask your doctor before booking an appointment for sports massage or either of our training options.


(All first appointments include an additional 15 min consultation and assessment.)


Sports & Remedial Massage:

  • 30 mins £30

  • 45 mins £40

  • 60 mins £50

Golf Performance:

  • Full Initial Golf Fitness Assessment £75

       TPI Physical Screen, Power & Strength Screen, Swing Assessment, Detailed  Report

  • TPI Physical Screening £30

       Includes a Detailed Report

  • One To One Follow Up Session (60min) £50

  • Remote Training Programme £50

       Programme written based on Initial Assessment​ & delivered through the TPI app

Golf Performance Membership:

3 Membership Options

  • 2 Sessions per month £100 per month

  • 4 Sessions per month (one session per week) £180 per month

  • 8 Sessions per month (two sessions per week) £340 per month

Virtual Golf Performance Training:

  • Online Initial TPI Screen £30

        TPI Physical Screen, Detailed Report via TPI app

  • Remote Training Programme £50

        Via TPI app

  • One To One Online Training Session £50

Corrective Exercise:

  • Individual Session (60 mins) £40

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